OH my, what a journey it's been.

My simple LED coat rack, most recently deemed "DigitalMom beta" morphed into a cnc etched plexi-glass and wood interface with hooks. Still effective, possibly more so given that there are symbols to guide your interpretation of the weather, rather than color alone.

Pretty sure I've covered a robust range of feelings regarding DigitalMom - from excitement to disappointment to ennui and beyond - and in the end I managed to scrape together a moral to the story of semester one at ITP. And that is that my sole duty as a student in this program is to stay inspired. Pay attention to all the things that totally rule and remember them when idea time comes - talk to people about my projects so they can keep me juiced and give me excellent feedback, and go to places, both virtual and physical, that make me antsy to create, or at least remind me how invaluable it is to see something through.

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