4 in 4

Tomorrow I begin 4 projects in 4 days, 3,000 miles from the majority of other participating classmates. Nevertheless, I am pumped. There's plenty to do around my home in the San Fernando Valley, and on my lappy. Plus I return on Thursday and can therefore allot time to on-floor pursuits.

The Plan

DAY 1:
Vanna for a Day video for my sis.
Finish helping Alexis through her Grad essay.
First Java t00t.
Prep for upcoming days. (Call D.R.)

DAY 2:
Do (at least) 5 Java tutorials.
Remove wallpaper from Mom's bathroom.
Prep for tomorrow.

DAY 3:
Do (at least) 5 PHP tutorials.
Paint the fence in the backyard.
Prep for tomorrow.

DAY 4:
Mend everything - hand sew+ itp sewing machine.
Do (at least) 1 Illustrator tutorial.
Make something small with laser cutter.

Re-record All Bit, Apples, and write Lyrics for Elephant.
Record lyrics for two newbs and send them to Mattycakes.

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