physical computing: 10 final project idears

I've compiled a list of stuff I'm into from the p. comp final project vantage... Maybe by the time I've blogged this all down I'll figure out which one to run with? I think I may be leaning in a certain direction already....

1. Moss turntables. Just kidding - that's Kimi's project. Fuckin' Kimi.

2. Mouse-less digital graffiti - so you practice before you go outside and beautify the city. This would processing heavy and probably fairly small-scale initially, but (ideally/eventually) you'd be able to stand in front of a projected brick wall and move your hand (?) to make a spray-painty line. Blob detection might work well here...

3. Plant(s) theremin - only work(s) when watered. Makes theremin noises

4. Apartment/object GPS - still chewing on this one. I don't mind competing with Sirius... >:E

5. Umbrella stand weatherman - uses wireless and/or wired tech. to connect to a weather API. Lights up when it's going to rain so you remember your umbrella.

6. Weather orb - similar, maybe not as fun.

7. Build speakers.

8. Build a theremin.

9. Use the neat controller from the junk pile to make... sound? images? tactile things like wind? smell? all of the above/ some kind of total experience? ...graffiti? I could learn quite a bit about wiring this way... also processing heavy?

10. Was a bedside servo light-switch operator for the sleepy reader, but instead I'm thinking conductive and/or magnetic material on wallet, keys, phone and when all are stuck alongside each other a light goes from red to green... and... a chain of events takes place that essentially makes you a fresh cup of spicy hot chocolate while playing Boyz II Men...

11. Ferris Bueller's Day Off... just think about it. Oh and Rock It! also

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