visual communication: 1


Some issues:

1. Have and idea

To display and compare unattractive and well designed sites

2. Make decisions that support the idea

A stream of information organized in a visually abrasive stream of data, not clearly directing you to the information you came for, let alone making it clear what information you will find there

3. Choose colors for a reason

Abrasive color selection that does nothing for the information

4. Make the negative space part of the design

The site doesn’t adhere to a grid, poor use of negative space

5. Communicate with clear messages and word choices

unclear a difficult to tell what the site is about, what click will lead you where, how to find the info you need. Convoluted structure doesn't express the site's content

6. Establish a hierarchy of information – little or no heirarchy

7. Stick to one layout justification – the eye likes order and consistency - but here they oscillate between center and left justified

8. Work with a grid –

inconsistent and variable grid.

9. Make the interface intuitive

Not intuitive, not clear.

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